Rabu, 11 Juli 2012

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So several days ago, 2-5 July, me and my cousin were taking a relax time to Singapore before the new academic year starts. Everything went so fast since going to Singapore was just a talks without any preparation.
Like others do after went abroad, I will tell my opinion about Singapore. Singapore for me is a beautiful-modern country with very-busy people. Thew walk so fast. Talk so fast. So they felt so unfriendly for me. I heard from foreign people in Indonesia that Indonesian is so friendly. And I know it right :) Above all, they are really professional, so on time. Big difference with its neighbour, Indonesia :p

No, no i will not tell bad things about Singapore only. When I say Singapore is beautiful and modern country, I really meant it.
We went to many places like Jurong Bird Park, Jurong Night Safari Zoo, (The famous) Universal Studio Singapore, Bugis Junction, Sentosa Island, and we took a ride on Singapore flyer too. Also watched The Song of the Sea in Sentosa Island. They all were amazing. But, unfortunately rain often pours Singapore. Our trip sometimes disturbed with it.

About Universal Studio? Uber cool! Transformer Ride is the coolest. And the roller coaster (both, the red and the green one) were so relaxing. Tell me I'm a adrenaline junkie :p
Oh ya I need a help. Who are they?

Their voices were so nice with attractive performance. Interesting :D Uber cool (face) too! :p Mesmerize me. Gah.... Hold me.

Well, now I'm about to make compilation video during our trip in Singapore. Wish i can post it soon :)

My sister, Chika, Nadia, Tasya and Andre

My uncle and my cousin, Arsa

I ride both the red and the blue! Imma not just a human. Imma Cylon!

Betty Boob Boop :p

Do you recognize it? The ginger-bread?

*Drum roll* Oscar!!!!

Thirsty enough :p

Candylicious :9

The Singapore Flyer

The luxurious Marina Bay

Boyfriend Brother

Finally! The author of SillyRandomThings, the geek, Vina!
(Ya, ya the eldest one)
Beside me, Nadia, Arsa, and my brother, Lanang

Mini-Merlion. The real one was sick. Sick. Maybe it pukes to much :p 

See ya!