Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012

alter ego yang satu dan yang lainnya

Bego lo, na. Harusnya kan ga kayak gini...
Siapa juga yang mengharuskan kayak gitu?
Ya nggak ada sih
Yaudah, selo. Siapa suruh jadi cewek panikan.
Iya iya.... 

What a stupid, Na. This shouldn't be like this...
Who obligate that should be like that?
Er.. nobody
Okay, keep calm. Who do told you to be a panic-full?
Ya ya...

Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

Wish You were Here

So I watched JAZZtimewa on October 3rd 2012. Since I am the fan of Endah and Rhesa (EAR) , I didnt refuse my cousin's invitation to got there, Grand Pasific, where the concert held.
Here we go. I didnt take photos a lot. The performers took my attention a lot. Ah <3

 The Everyday Band, the electone player surely enchanted the crowd with his tech-sound

Experience never get you wrong. Rieke Roslan really bring the atmosphere up!

God, why this couple are so awesome...

The arstist. Monita Idol,Sandhy Sandoro, Andien, Rieka Roeslan, Yusri Dinuth, Brian Jikustik, Matthew Sayerz, EAR finally sang "Yogyakarta" by KLA Project

And look what I've found!! EAR's 2nd album! This is what I am craving for months!
Since my EAR's 1st album left in my daddy's car in Tangerang, this CD accompanies me for nights <3

P.S.: don't you feel annoy with people-with-tab during a concert? please.. you disturb other, girls