Sabtu, 29 Desember 2012


Wanna try?

Merry Christmas!

I feel awkward to start making a post since i hasn't post anything for months.
Starts from my jobless phase when I graduate from my highschool, then start my college years with a little task and finally the tasks were getting much. Literally, much.
I used to slept 6 hours a day, but now it is a habit to sleep just for around15 minutes.
Overall, I enjoy it so. My college year(s).

Postcrossing is getting so nice for me! I got a package. From Italy. And it must be via postcrossing. Guess what?!

Glasses! Yay!

When i got the package, speechless. I wondered, there was something inside. And, tadaa!!
This was like i got additional christmas gift! So unique <3 Thank you very much Lamberto! Merry Glory Christmas, too!
I just amazed with this.


Merry Christmas!

p.s. : Did you read the message? "2nd card - the 1st has maybe got lost". How kind....