Selasa, 29 Oktober 2013

"kemana kita hari ini?"

right timing. right person. continously.

Senin, 14 Oktober 2013


Made this due my bad time-management lately. Bad. Very bad.
I've read about this diagram in a blog that life divide by 3 things. Sleep-School-Social thingy. You can only choose 2 of these in your 24 hours. You'll get lack of sleep if you choose school and social life. And being a little be out of social when you prefer your sleep and the school's tasks. Or, will you forget the school? You decide.

And I decide to draw this on my wall. In eye-level high. So every time I turn my day off in the bed, I'll re-think about my life today.
I draw on the wall using marker. The chocolate one, but the color turned grey.

All I know, my major, architecture, demands me to have a better time management. Deadline! Deadline! Deadline!
Oh, maybe all major in every college. Long live happiness, student all over the world!

See ya!