Jumat, 20 September 2013

A Short Getaway

Hello people! My tasks are getting horrible nowadays and during that time, I decided to make a short gateway. Yuhuuu. And luck go with me, I had a chance for documentating Kelas Inspirasi in Tangerang. Woyeaaahhhh!!!!
After tasted the experience playing with kids for a day in SD Nglahar, I was so excited with this :3

The Inspiration Day (this is how we spell that day) held on September 11st, 2013 (I know, I know this is such a late post hehe). I was in group 10 in SDN Pondok Benda 2 at Pamulang.

On that morning I was afraid because I haven't been gone  to SDN Pondok Benda 2 and my father can't accompanied me because he had a meeting in his office. So I went to SDN Pondok Benda 2 with my mother's friend. Fortunately we didn't miss any road :p

Lemme show you how nice they are~~

The waiting moms

Girls ;)

Mas Eko, works for MNC TV

Kak Tedi, a training consultant

Kak Ilham, a trainer

Mas Ulung 

Kak Tia, works for Bank Mandiri 

Pak Kafi, works for Green Building Council. I got knowledges about architecture from him :D

The aims...

was flying high :')

Happy? Absolutely!

The kids ask my facebook, twitter, handphone number, and blackberry pin also so we can still keep in touch :D

The happiest thing from here was..................get to know Cika :D

Cika is a first grader in SDN Pondok Benda 2. Preety, kind, sweet, cute, ah.... overload cuteness :3

Cika told me that she want to work at a cinema like his brother who works in cinema after I asked her what her aim is. I asked her if she love to draws or not, and she said yes :D
I directly asked her to drawing together in her sketchbook :D I saw she draws honestly, upon her imagination :D
After that, I explained her about my major, architecture. She was smiling while listen to me. And the happiest moment was.........

"Aku juga mau jadi arsitek"

("I also want to be an architect")
She said that sentences with smile. Oh my God. Help.

Gah... I just can't stop describe her :')

She was watching on my notes :')

Here we are! :D Cika bought me es mambo. Such a long time no eat ice like this :D

I sketched Cika in her skecthbook when she draw in my notes. Unfortunately it was too vague so the camera can't catch my sketch.

Cika showed my notes to her friend

Lead the class to sang "Garuda Indonesia"

I just can't get enough :') 
Feel like fully charged after back to Tangerang meet my father, mother, and my brother :D

See ya!

Kamis, 12 September 2013

World v.19

Tadaaa! I went back my home in Tangerang two days ago. During the time I were going from my campus to airport, a friend of mine told me suddenly, "You're busy with your own world". 

"Kamu sibuk sama duniamu sendiri, kok"

That sentence really made me silent for a while. At that time.
My own world.

I have just realized lately. I often make a scope for myself. Mommy said something to me after I had told her about that. She said that I always enter a circle without bring my college friends in. My daily friends, even my family. 
Literally. I found that I have started to making a little world for me since I have been entering my college days.
Many things I decided during my time live faraway from my parents. One of it was being happy. Not to search (even a) happiness. I have to make a happiness. For me. For myself. With a term, not to hurt others.

I have a big curiosity. Sometimes I told myself that if you see a pool, be drowned. Don't float. I make an effort to everything I do. Unfortunately, my interest doesn't attract my friends. So I go with my self. Drowning. Then my own world has created.

Did I make a mistake?

I think no.

But, I feel yes.

I think there's nothing wrong if I focused on everything I do. My daddy said "Focus"  to me every time a make a mistake. I'm bad in focusing on something. So I try.

Beside that, I acquainted many people with every activities I do. The most thing that makes me happy is acquainted with architect(s). I learn a lot from them. FYI, usually I'm the youngest. It was an advantage for me. They have much experience than I have.

But, I feel yes. Somewhile I thought that I'm making a space with my daily life. Making a bubble which can't be entered by others. And I really feel doubt on that.

Aduh bingung.

See ya!