Sabtu, 29 Desember 2012


Wanna try?

Merry Christmas!

I feel awkward to start making a post since i hasn't post anything for months.
Starts from my jobless phase when I graduate from my highschool, then start my college years with a little task and finally the tasks were getting much. Literally, much.
I used to slept 6 hours a day, but now it is a habit to sleep just for around15 minutes.
Overall, I enjoy it so. My college year(s).

Postcrossing is getting so nice for me! I got a package. From Italy. And it must be via postcrossing. Guess what?!

Glasses! Yay!

When i got the package, speechless. I wondered, there was something inside. And, tadaa!!
This was like i got additional christmas gift! So unique <3 Thank you very much Lamberto! Merry Glory Christmas, too!
I just amazed with this.


Merry Christmas!

p.s. : Did you read the message? "2nd card - the 1st has maybe got lost". How kind....

Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012

alter ego yang satu dan yang lainnya

Bego lo, na. Harusnya kan ga kayak gini...
Siapa juga yang mengharuskan kayak gitu?
Ya nggak ada sih
Yaudah, selo. Siapa suruh jadi cewek panikan.
Iya iya.... 

What a stupid, Na. This shouldn't be like this...
Who obligate that should be like that?
Er.. nobody
Okay, keep calm. Who do told you to be a panic-full?
Ya ya...

Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

Wish You were Here

So I watched JAZZtimewa on October 3rd 2012. Since I am the fan of Endah and Rhesa (EAR) , I didnt refuse my cousin's invitation to got there, Grand Pasific, where the concert held.
Here we go. I didnt take photos a lot. The performers took my attention a lot. Ah <3

 The Everyday Band, the electone player surely enchanted the crowd with his tech-sound

Experience never get you wrong. Rieke Roslan really bring the atmosphere up!

God, why this couple are so awesome...

The arstist. Monita Idol,Sandhy Sandoro, Andien, Rieka Roeslan, Yusri Dinuth, Brian Jikustik, Matthew Sayerz, EAR finally sang "Yogyakarta" by KLA Project

And look what I've found!! EAR's 2nd album! This is what I am craving for months!
Since my EAR's 1st album left in my daddy's car in Tangerang, this CD accompanies me for nights <3

P.S.: don't you feel annoy with people-with-tab during a concert? please.. you disturb other, girls

Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

A Step Forward

I recently taking Architecture as my major in college. I study in my hometown, Yogyakarta. So now I live with my grandpa. My adaptation was so suck. I used to think that Tangerang was better, much better. Homesick like a baby, cursed everything here, feel really like I-really-not-here.
Living here is my plan since i was in kindegarten. I don't know why. Maybe because my family and I go here every long holiday. (I used to) feel homey here.

Whatever. I'll stay here for being a 1# future architect. This is my first step.

See ya!

Rabu, 11 Juli 2012

Right Click - Refresh

So several days ago, 2-5 July, me and my cousin were taking a relax time to Singapore before the new academic year starts. Everything went so fast since going to Singapore was just a talks without any preparation.
Like others do after went abroad, I will tell my opinion about Singapore. Singapore for me is a beautiful-modern country with very-busy people. Thew walk so fast. Talk so fast. So they felt so unfriendly for me. I heard from foreign people in Indonesia that Indonesian is so friendly. And I know it right :) Above all, they are really professional, so on time. Big difference with its neighbour, Indonesia :p

No, no i will not tell bad things about Singapore only. When I say Singapore is beautiful and modern country, I really meant it.
We went to many places like Jurong Bird Park, Jurong Night Safari Zoo, (The famous) Universal Studio Singapore, Bugis Junction, Sentosa Island, and we took a ride on Singapore flyer too. Also watched The Song of the Sea in Sentosa Island. They all were amazing. But, unfortunately rain often pours Singapore. Our trip sometimes disturbed with it.

About Universal Studio? Uber cool! Transformer Ride is the coolest. And the roller coaster (both, the red and the green one) were so relaxing. Tell me I'm a adrenaline junkie :p
Oh ya I need a help. Who are they?

Their voices were so nice with attractive performance. Interesting :D Uber cool (face) too! :p Mesmerize me. Gah.... Hold me.

Well, now I'm about to make compilation video during our trip in Singapore. Wish i can post it soon :)

My sister, Chika, Nadia, Tasya and Andre

My uncle and my cousin, Arsa

I ride both the red and the blue! Imma not just a human. Imma Cylon!

Betty Boob Boop :p

Do you recognize it? The ginger-bread?

*Drum roll* Oscar!!!!

Thirsty enough :p

Candylicious :9

The Singapore Flyer

The luxurious Marina Bay

Boyfriend Brother

Finally! The author of SillyRandomThings, the geek, Vina!
(Ya, ya the eldest one)
Beside me, Nadia, Arsa, and my brother, Lanang

Mini-Merlion. The real one was sick. Sick. Maybe it pukes to much :p 

See ya!

Jumat, 29 Juni 2012

The (Photoshop) Scrapbook

May Jiyong, Taeyang, and Key know that you're exist

Yea from 9gag

*How could I have such a weird daughter like this?!*

And, Cae appears faster than the owner of this blog. Thank you!

See ya!

Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012


Happy Birthday Cae!

I made this moving picture for her (okay, just the text I know). People above is her idols. Yea. Korean artist. Let me remember. On the top is Taeyang from BigBang, Key from SHINee, and Jiyong/G Dragon from BigBang.
And now I'm gonna make scrapbook for her. It is half done. Maybe i'll post it soon. The scrapbook isn't handmade. I made it on photoshop. Wish she'll like it :)

Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

Old Time

Having new header and some new badges. Just click to know me more :)
Why new header? because my mom said that the old one is kinda hard to read. The color and the letter little bit not match. So I change it. Is it good enough?

I have been blogging since I was in junior high school. It contains of my daily routine when I was girl (note that now I'm a pre-woman. Hahaha!) But when i re-read the posts, I got ashamed. I told about my bestfriend who is my crush. Of course I mentioned him with initial. LOL. I thought that nobody of my friend will read neither recognize it but unfortunately, his friend read and recognized it. Oh my! It's like "How can I post something like this?!", "Whatta stupid!". Junior high school stupidness. Sometimes I really feel ashamed with what I do in the past. "Why can I do that?!" *freak out*

Silly Random Things is my third blog (as I remember). I wish, I can be routine to post something here. So this will be my trail for my better future (yes, maybe i'm drunk when I wrote this).
At least, this blog will remember me what I used do in past. :)

See ya!

Selasa, 19 Juni 2012


Hiyaaaa! Another postcard arrived this afternoon!

Whatta a lovely postcard! In Postcrossing, I mentioned that i love fullcolor things, and I'll be a architecture student soon. And she, Mairi, fulfilled my imaginary postcard! She puts some cute stickers on it. And you see, The classic stamps and one of them is so cool (The women using red dress)! Ah, drolling... I can't get my eyes off this postcard after my brother gave me this postcard from the terrace. 
Now I'm asking Mairi to give her address to me so I can reply her as my thankfulness. Wish she want share me her address. Wish me luck!

By the way, I have just repair my camera, Andy. The AutoFocus didn't work *sigh*. So I always take long time to get focus when taking (even) a picture. And yesterday, Cae accompanied me go to Pasar Baru to repair it. First it cost IDR 275.000 but I did bargain so I just paid it for IDR 250.000. Wish my camera will keep healthy :)

See ya!

Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012


There's 2 'Finally' today. 

Remember this ?
I've change my language on postcrossing. Anyway.

The yearbook has been shared to all of 3rd graders! Yeay!
So much story about this yearbook. People hate me because the idea, the photo rule, the design, many more. And the funniest is, a beautiful girl emm, a yearbook crew) tried to affect people for hating me. LOL. She failed. Wrong target to affected.
3 days before the deadline. Me and my family were in the journey to go to Jogja. And my brother felt my laptop down from car. So it was crashed. And I thought that i do not have any back up. Imagine. Sigh. I tried to fixed it in a laptop service at Jogja. But the engineer didn't want to fix it because my laptop is stll in guarantee period. Dang.
Fortunately, some data i need has been backed up in my camera memorycard. Maybe it was, a hunch. Signs before a chaos destroy. So I could continue my work safely, at least :)

Okay. Here we go. Drum roll please.
*Drum roll*

The cover and the XII Science 2 class designed by me. Just if you want to know :)
Do you recognize it? My header and the yearbook cover ;)

See ya!

Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

Another Happiness Source

I've just landed from Yogyakarta, my hometown and my-soon-will-be-my-house. I was there to do a test. Public University test. Wish me luck. At least. LOL

And soon after I arrived at home, I found a card. Not from Postcrossing but from CardToPost. CardToPost is a website that organize you to exchanging postcard between Indonesian. Ok, you can called it like "Indonesian Postcrossing".

Happy? yes! It's from Putri Fitria. She said on the card that the photo was taken in Zurich, Swiss. Whatta night view! Hyper envy with that. FYI, she kindly wrapped it in a clear plastic, so it safe from water (if rains pours suddenly above my house :P). And do you realize? The backside of the postcard is the map of Europe, Swiss' continent. Maximum lovely :)

Nowadays, i really laugh a lot on 9gag. TROLOLOLOL :P

See ya!