Selasa, 19 Juni 2012


Hiyaaaa! Another postcard arrived this afternoon!

Whatta a lovely postcard! In Postcrossing, I mentioned that i love fullcolor things, and I'll be a architecture student soon. And she, Mairi, fulfilled my imaginary postcard! She puts some cute stickers on it. And you see, The classic stamps and one of them is so cool (The women using red dress)! Ah, drolling... I can't get my eyes off this postcard after my brother gave me this postcard from the terrace. 
Now I'm asking Mairi to give her address to me so I can reply her as my thankfulness. Wish she want share me her address. Wish me luck!

By the way, I have just repair my camera, Andy. The AutoFocus didn't work *sigh*. So I always take long time to get focus when taking (even) a picture. And yesterday, Cae accompanied me go to Pasar Baru to repair it. First it cost IDR 275.000 but I did bargain so I just paid it for IDR 250.000. Wish my camera will keep healthy :)

See ya!

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