Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

Old Time

Having new header and some new badges. Just click to know me more :)
Why new header? because my mom said that the old one is kinda hard to read. The color and the letter little bit not match. So I change it. Is it good enough?

I have been blogging since I was in junior high school. It contains of my daily routine when I was girl (note that now I'm a pre-woman. Hahaha!) But when i re-read the posts, I got ashamed. I told about my bestfriend who is my crush. Of course I mentioned him with initial. LOL. I thought that nobody of my friend will read neither recognize it but unfortunately, his friend read and recognized it. Oh my! It's like "How can I post something like this?!", "Whatta stupid!". Junior high school stupidness. Sometimes I really feel ashamed with what I do in the past. "Why can I do that?!" *freak out*

Silly Random Things is my third blog (as I remember). I wish, I can be routine to post something here. So this will be my trail for my better future (yes, maybe i'm drunk when I wrote this).
At least, this blog will remember me what I used do in past. :)

See ya!

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