Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012


There's 2 'Finally' today. 

Remember this ?
I've change my language on postcrossing. Anyway.

The yearbook has been shared to all of 3rd graders! Yeay!
So much story about this yearbook. People hate me because the idea, the photo rule, the design, many more. And the funniest is, a beautiful girl emm, a yearbook crew) tried to affect people for hating me. LOL. She failed. Wrong target to affected.
3 days before the deadline. Me and my family were in the journey to go to Jogja. And my brother felt my laptop down from car. So it was crashed. And I thought that i do not have any back up. Imagine. Sigh. I tried to fixed it in a laptop service at Jogja. But the engineer didn't want to fix it because my laptop is stll in guarantee period. Dang.
Fortunately, some data i need has been backed up in my camera memorycard. Maybe it was, a hunch. Signs before a chaos destroy. So I could continue my work safely, at least :)

Okay. Here we go. Drum roll please.
*Drum roll*

The cover and the XII Science 2 class designed by me. Just if you want to know :)
Do you recognize it? My header and the yearbook cover ;)

See ya!

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