Senin, 15 September 2014

To Recall

So this is my unyu unyu granny, eyang gemes and her childhood friend, Sr. Mariette. Sr. Mariette is a nun who was 3 years old younger than my granny. They've been friend since kid but has just met when the hair turns grey. They opened the memories with hugs :3

How I love their conversation when they met that day. Talking about the past days they went through. Funny stories and laugh :') Granny said that they were guling guling together when kid.
See? How can I not love her smile? So that gemes gemes lovelyyyyy <3

I'm a kind of person who easily forget but always remember the not-important memories. I always recall the memories back. The funny yet silly things are my favorite. The sad (and also bad) makes me unglad, sometimes makes me regret and need to forget. But things can't be done easily. Time heals, they said. I wish so.

See ya!