Selasa, 03 Juni 2014

Because She'd Rather Fall In Love With Chocolate Then Fall In Love Especially With Me - Adam

So now i'm in the middle of my college year (should be (please (err, must be (yes, must be)))). 
Tasks accompany me nights, (sama kak adit kalo dianya nggak tidur, yew).
These days taught me not to did things not important, include me joining something which just made me exhausted both mind and body. And my body is mau potol now. Facing laptop mostly 6-8 hours a day until I found my body slouching all day and left the backpain on the next day. Maybe it's just a stretching before i go to the real world of work indeed.

Semoga vina keren dengan jadi diri sendiri. Ye gak?

buatan kak adit yang selalu bilang 'waoooow keren banget siapa nih yang bikin?! pasti keren banget!' setiap liat gambar ini sambil pasang muka sok sok bingung nggak tau siapa yang bikin. iyew.

 ceritanya ini vina. lucu hiehehe :3

See ya!