Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

Language makes you failed

Hurray! some postcard arrived! whatta day!

BUT, the chaos came......... (swap the postcard)

GAH! What the.... Both of them written in Chinese characters! *inhale exhale*. First time i saw them, i just understand my name and my address. Yea, the only alphabetic character there. Stupid yea.

Well, this is my stupidity.
I get basic Chinese Language in my class. You know, it is BASIC. B-A-S-I-C. Some basic conversation like, "Hi!", "How are you?" become "你好!" (ni hao!) and "你好马?" (ni hao ma?)
And proudly, i wrote that i can speak/read Chinese on Postcrossing so i look like a smart girl (no... no... No! I'm not a social climber).
Finally, chaos came like this......
Somebody, can you help the-arrogant-but-failed person-like-me. gah..

See ya!

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