Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

I Found You and Vice Versa

Tadaaaa! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! (yeah, i know, i'm soooooo out of date)
year changes and many things do. And so do I (who doesn't?) 
And like people do, resolution. For me this year's resolution is being mature, and decreasing my egoist side. Daddy said, ego is needed but don't be over. Everything too much is not good for us.

Well, i have new hobby now :D since i opened my old-edition Gogirl magazine, i found a website, postcrossing (click! click!) . This web allows us to exchange our address so we can sending and getting postcard to and from other random countries. So far,I have sent 4 postcard to Belgium, US, Germany, and Russia. I have received a postcard from Virginia, US and still waiting for another postcard!

Because of my new hobby, I am become post-office visitor. LOL. Me with Cae and Tiffany (really) often go there. Sending postcard or just buying some stamps. i feel kinda weird sometimes because i rarely see any student there, just us went there with uniform.

Teenager now do their social life in their social network. lately, twitter. And also do I. But after this habit (go to post office, sending postcard, buying stamps), I realize, with many device (like cellphone, BlackBerry, Iphone, Android, etc), they are all decreasing post officer job. Bad. Without we realize, many people hanging their life with that job.

Situation of Post-office now is really different with the 90's era when i was in elementary school. It was so crowded with people who was sending their stuff or just a mail for their family that farther away from them.
I love that situation :)

Now the world changes. We can just sending mail with some buttons in keypad and keyboard.
How's the post officer fate? I can't get hypocrite by sending and getting every news by post, but i still trying to using post service :)

Postcard from Virginia, US
Can't take my eyes of this all day long LOL

See ya!!

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