Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

Another Happiness Source

I've just landed from Yogyakarta, my hometown and my-soon-will-be-my-house. I was there to do a test. Public University test. Wish me luck. At least. LOL

And soon after I arrived at home, I found a card. Not from Postcrossing but from CardToPost. CardToPost is a website that organize you to exchanging postcard between Indonesian. Ok, you can called it like "Indonesian Postcrossing".

Happy? yes! It's from Putri Fitria. She said on the card that the photo was taken in Zurich, Swiss. Whatta night view! Hyper envy with that. FYI, she kindly wrapped it in a clear plastic, so it safe from water (if rains pours suddenly above my house :P). And do you realize? The backside of the postcard is the map of Europe, Swiss' continent. Maximum lovely :)

Nowadays, i really laugh a lot on 9gag. TROLOLOLOL :P

See ya!

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