Kamis, 10 Mei 2012

First Step Being an Adult

Told me imma a bad blogger. Never posting continously.
Well, i really need my hectic days back. When I need to working on my tasks, presentation, and other silly things in class. Have i told ya that i has just passed my national exam? No. So i told you now :p
Now my days filled with course, course, and course. Effort being an Public University Student (soon, er maybe?). Wish me luck and success!
I have been registered as an architecture student on Atmajaya Yogyakarta. Yes, I will move soon. To my hometown. I've imagine. Imagine about all the new life, days, friends, room. All! Who didn't imagine these silly things when they'll move to the new place? Or is it just me? LOL
So far, I have been receiving many postcard via postcrossing. Already 11 postcards and more soon. I will post is later. *fingercrossed*
P.S. : Please help me survive in my college year. Wish it will be fun! fun! FUN! :D

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