Kamis, 12 September 2013

World v.19

Tadaaa! I went back my home in Tangerang two days ago. During the time I were going from my campus to airport, a friend of mine told me suddenly, "You're busy with your own world". 

"Kamu sibuk sama duniamu sendiri, kok"

That sentence really made me silent for a while. At that time.
My own world.

I have just realized lately. I often make a scope for myself. Mommy said something to me after I had told her about that. She said that I always enter a circle without bring my college friends in. My daily friends, even my family. 
Literally. I found that I have started to making a little world for me since I have been entering my college days.
Many things I decided during my time live faraway from my parents. One of it was being happy. Not to search (even a) happiness. I have to make a happiness. For me. For myself. With a term, not to hurt others.

I have a big curiosity. Sometimes I told myself that if you see a pool, be drowned. Don't float. I make an effort to everything I do. Unfortunately, my interest doesn't attract my friends. So I go with my self. Drowning. Then my own world has created.

Did I make a mistake?

I think no.

But, I feel yes.

I think there's nothing wrong if I focused on everything I do. My daddy said "Focus"  to me every time a make a mistake. I'm bad in focusing on something. So I try.

Beside that, I acquainted many people with every activities I do. The most thing that makes me happy is acquainted with architect(s). I learn a lot from them. FYI, usually I'm the youngest. It was an advantage for me. They have much experience than I have.

But, I feel yes. Somewhile I thought that I'm making a space with my daily life. Making a bubble which can't be entered by others. And I really feel doubt on that.

Aduh bingung.

See ya!

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