Minggu, 25 September 2011

A Day with Andy and Sally

Heyo! Last Saturday, i went to school by Sally :D
Maybe it's usual, but FYI, the distance from my house to school is around 5-6 kms. wink ;) and my friends got shocked when they know that i was riding to go to school. 

Parents said, "When I was an elementary, i walk for 8/9 kms everyday day. What the..? Did they ever feel tired or something?
Because of I'm a twelve-grader and i will graduate soon, so I want to make something weird (like this) wink ;)

Uh oh, who is Andy?
Andy is my camera. i'm using canon 500d. I realize that my picture is not too good. I just snap around me. And bad, Adobe Photoshop in my laptop lost -_- so I can't do edit to these photos.

Sally and my Backpack

See ya \o/

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