Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013

What I've Been Looking For

So I was thinking hardly lately. Yea. I never thought that hard before because I always do things randomly.
I was searching for happiness. Cliche. But now I've made a decision. I won't wait for someone who bring happiness for me neither searching too hard for happiness. I will make happiness for my self, enjoy being Vina as well.

Sounds desperate? Yea. Many tasks. They shout at me for (even just) touch them.

Hah. So this' a little happiness made by me :)

Same. A bit.
Watercolor on A4 conqueror paper
Remember Lambang? A Transformers fanboy from SD Nglahar :D

I have just read a message from Pak Andek and he told me to watch Kelas Inspirasi, SD Nglahar on Jogja TV!!! Uwooo!! :D
There was me on TV. Okay. Keep calm, vin.

See ya!

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