Minggu, 21 Juli 2013

Sun Never Goes Away

Yiha! it has been a couple of months that I didn't post anything yet. And the holiday is almost over! *scream* It's less than 3 weeks to go and I spend most of my holiday at home. Much time I spent for sleep due the lack of sleep during college phase. Eat a lot, draw, take pictures, and clean up my house. Little heaven :))

I woke up in this Sunday morning  and the rain pours outside. I chilled, the sun's ashamed to reveal its shine :3 

Named, cooperation :') 

Garden gnomes at my house. These are from traditional Javanese wayang character, Punokawan

 An old cup. Isn't it lovely?

In progress

Beside my eat-sleep-draw-taking picture activity, I drop my jaw for watching Depapepe on Youtube. Depapepe is an acoustic guitar duo from Japan. They tell story with the guitar, smile while playing theirs. God, overload awesomeness.
Ah! I almost forget to share photos from my toycam, Buzz. Unfortunately, I left the photos in my room at Jogja. Remind me to post it asap. 

See ya!

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