Selasa, 05 November 2013

I remember how we got dinner together. Share the stories about the day we spent.
I remember the morning rush. Almost every morning.
I remember how Ayah, Ibu, Kakak, Lanang, and me go to Payless in June. We bought 8 pairs of shoes, 1 for me, 1 for Kakak, 1 for Lanang, 4 for Ibu. 7? Yes. Ayah took a pair for himself on the last minutes we paid it because he saw everyone buy (at least) one, except Ibu haha.
I remember when Ayah drop me to school every morning when I was in high school and sometimes called number in cars which for sale just asking the price, act like we want to buy it. LOL.
I remember when Ayah got mad to me and told me "Focus!".
I remember when suddenly Ibu rode the motorcycle beside me and took me to my school when she actually must taught her students.
I remember when Ibu asked me something for my lunch.
I remember how I told her about my day, my story, and my silly thought.
I remember how Ibu told me about Eyang, her childhood, her day at school, and her feelings.
I remember how Ibu asked me about her looks when she wanted to go to some occasion.
I remember how I shyly told Kakak about the crush, who I never connected with haha.
I remember how Kakak took me at my campus then we was looking for dinner
I remember when I punched Lanang on his arm when I got mad and he automatically did revenge on me
I remember how Lanang told me about his love story and sometimes gave advice to me.

the unfinished 'remembers'

Most of all, I remember and miss how we laughed together :')
Call me spoiled, but now I found myself as a family-person. The farther I go, the closer I get.

duh vin, vin :''

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