Rabu, 18 Desember 2013

The Good and The Sad

Long time no post any posting without photos? These. Fresh from my grandad's house (which has been being my house for 1,5 years) wo yea.

a pot?

Zoom in. It must be broken pieces from abang-abang's bowl! aaaak lucuk lucuk :3

 This. A cock of my aunt. Any idea for a name? Kok ganteng ya.

a hanging decoration is hanging beautifully at the door. Remind me to take picture of the door. also beautiful :3

Aaaaaaaaand....... Have I ever told you about my toy cam? Buzz? Who give birth many lovely picture? Here we go! This is Buzz the robotic toy cam.
Did you guys recognize something? Something behind Buzz?

New friend of mine! :3 An analog camera owned by Reinard, my (handsome *surely, he must not see this adjective*) college friends. He lent me his because my excitement about camera :3 So, my holiday will be accompanied by this. Yuhuuuuu! Let's go get your holiday!!!!!!

 gagah ya? :'')

Please wait for the photos. Holiday photos. The smell of holiday uuuuuuuuuhhh :'''')))

And the bad news today.....

Kura-kuranya matiiiiiiiiii :'( :'( :'( :'(

Hiks. A turtle in my granny's home has died. Hiks. :( (mewek). Found motionless, floating. Kayaknya mati gara" nggak digosok cangkangnya hiks :'( And for the last tribute, I rub its shells to make it clean from mildew. Padahal baru mau beli kura kura :'''''''''(

Jadi, there was a couple of turtle in the house. One dead, the other one feels lonely. *kayak vina. sigh*. Only one left now.

 The dead :(

The one who still alive :')

Selamat jalan, semoga bahagia.
Good bye, be happy all the way.

See ya!

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