Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Kid with a Pure Heart

Here we go. My heart was going to pop, craving for share my story about Kelas Inspirasi. Words aren't enough. I won't write much. Andy's eyes, my camera, will show you how :')

 Bayu, 5 years old, 1st grader

Pak Fajar Stevano, a store manager at Centro.
A generous teacher for the playful kids

 Ferdi! Caution, this is not his main pose.


Pak Andek, a karate trainer. Many kids changed their aim into a karateka after saw Pak Andek's actio at class. Mission successed 

Kak Wrin, a doctor. He played his character as a doctor as well :D 

Kak Sakdiyah Maruf. A stand up comedian and an enterpreter. Her thought is just so cool for me.

Pak Sarwono, A librarian. Father for the kids

Kak Sisi, a HRD for Indosat
Aji cried for losing his new eraser :'(

 Ivan and Joko, the cleverest in the class

 Ivan! My favorite brother there :')

 The kiddos and the inspirator :D

 Medina Maiciko. Ciko, the cutie one :*

 Naya :)

 Lambang! A Transformers fanboy

 Bayu wrote down his future job. Astronaut.

Kak Brilli Agung, the author of Jangan Bodoh Cari Jodoh 

Three girls from 6th grader

Edi, the handsome one, the one who aimed as an international singer! 

 Finally, we made a time capsule. The aims have burried, wish it'll grow lush. We promised to open it 20 years ahead.

My favorite picture of the month. Happiness :') 
The first class happines of the first grader

Gosh. Forgive me for can't handle my finger to type every note under these photos :O
I'm just so.............extremely excited :')
FYI, I mostly take photos of the first grader. Because of it, the kids, my brothers and sisters were close with me. They're just so amazing. Solidarity, brotherhood, I learned a lot from them.

Kak Sisi was so creative. She asked the first grader to play paper plane. Fly away their dream to the highest sky. Watch the video to see how they treat other :')

For the superb first grader:
(Sort by seat :p)


Thankyou for coloring my day, February, 20th 2013. You all are my birthday gift.

The last photo I took with them. This photo was taken by Kak Komang

See ya!

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