Senin, 11 Februari 2013

Sharing is an Honour

So yesterday morning, February, 10th 2013 I went to Pendopo Sapto Aji to get briefing for Kelas Inspirasi (click! click!) Kelas inspirasi is a volunteering action to inspire indonesian children. Volunteers get in schools and tell the kids about their job. We'll build dream with the children. Excited! excited! excited!

"Bangun Mimpi Anak Negeri!"

Me, I'll not tell about my job. Why? Because I'm still in college and the volunteer's requirement is having a job and have been working for (minimum) 2 years.
So................................. I'll capture the kiddos with Andy (my camera) tomorrow! Gyaaaaaa!!!!! excited excited!!! x)


That night was so breathtaking when I chekced my inbox and got an announcement email from Kelas Inspirasi that I have been choosen as the photographer/videographer. 
I opened my email on Februari 5th, 22:38. 

And the deadline to send the ability form was February, 5th, 20:00. And I was like...

So I directly filled then sent the form back and sent a message to the contact person to asking for further information with the speed of light. Wuzzzz!

Fortunately, I still allowed to join Kelas Inspirasi as a photographer/videographer.
Even I can't inspire the children, at least this is will be my first step to do volunteer again and again :)
Volunteering is an honour for me

Bad, Sunflower that Granny and I planted died before I get the picture in this blog :(

See ya!

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