Kamis, 24 Juli 2014

Angin dan Matahari

I'm back. Wowowo.
Nothing so special but since I've never mention anything about my college tasks, assigments, quiz, or even anything about architecture here, so........................................a nice news, me and my friend, anggun have had been being nominee for big 50 on Sayembara Rumah Kayu, which held by Rumah Intaran.

Umm, thankyou for spare a little time to read my common-react-after-being-nominee-ness :'') Maybe this should be a not-so-special, but since the first competition we joined which held by campus had ruined by me, so I feel like.... yo man, i've amend it! muahahaha :v

RK 056 \m/

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, it's almost Eid Mubarak. It's holiday. Holiday must be holy. So i kept laying in my sanctuary, lovey dovey roomey. And recently, my hobby is cuddling with pillow and bolster either. I'm so happy yet worry. My last semester (and also on my early holiday) kept me busy (almost) and suddenly the tasks is over (trust me, I'm lying. I'd rather ignore than do them. D'oh!). Kinda disoriented. Nothing (emm, maybe too lazy) to do something.

At least, I've met my highschool weirdo-mate at this holiday, yuhuu!

For the next semester, I'll keep myself busy. Uhuk uhuk.


See ya!

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