Senin, 25 Agustus 2014


Sometimes I wish ayah was the reincarnation of Uncle Gober who has money safe-deposit box so I can buy everything I want without thinking twice. But even ayah has money for me to buy something, He stil asked me to think twice. Now I learn, too much buying is a waste. But, buying funny-unyu unyu-not important thingy is still my hobby. And ayah just can stop me by not giving me money. Sometimes he still let me, but he attached his do-not-understand-with-his-daughter-did face.

Sometimes I wonder if ibu is a housewife. So I'll see an epic lunch made by ibu everytime I arrive home from school. But since ibu is a teacher (and now a superb headmistress), I let my self eat everything I see at the table or buying something yummy. I feel proud yet bored everytime I see Ibu going around with her task. see the one side that she is a great career woman (whose character in tv serial is the person who is harmed by another figure even having family-related. Uwo). But, I always see a lack-of-sleep body on her. Ayah once said to me when I compare ibu with my friend's mom who is a housewife, "Ibu kan wanita karier", so I stop asking. I don't even know what I will be on my future. But what I see on ibu, being on duty on something seems cool.

Wish there's no misspelling.

See ya!

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