Selasa, 08 Januari 2013

Doo...dle? err...

I didn't plan that i'll take Architecture as my major. I started to think about my college years on my 2nd grade in senior high. I love design, so I put my orientation to Design and Visual Communication. But daddy disallowed me.
Since I went to science major in my highschool, he directed me to science major for college.
I took the middle path. Architecture. Combination both of science and design. I thought it'll fit me :)
Me, the geek, love design. i draw a lot, but really often it ended with doodling. I don't feel confident enough with my drawing neither illustration. So finally I add everything into the sketch and my handwriting fulfilled my workspace hehe :D
Until now, i do more doodling than drawing.
Spend my (long long long looooooong) end of the term holiday with sketching doodling.
Here we go. Much of them are horrible. So I select several that not-too-horrible.  I'll post the rest after this (remind me, please?) :)

Bryan Bryan Bryan McFaden <3 (when still in Westlife :') ). EndahNRhesa first album inspired me to make the wooden house with basements. :)

Why pencil? Simple Question with simple answer. I did not bring anything like colored pencil, watercolor to Tangerang hehe :p

See ya!