Kamis, 17 Januari 2013

Dream of Drama

So! welcome to twenty thirteen! (late? yes! this' 17th already :p)
Year changes, and everything changes. Anybody don't wanna be better then yesterday? Nobody, i said.
I always make a wishlist. My target for life ahead. Sometimes i made it with estimating time. But most of it, I made it timeless. Why? When I make a deadline for my target, I'll be under-pressured and hurriedly. Then I didn't got maximum achievement. The more I curious to accomplished my dream, the more my dream got farther away.
I'm starting to make wishlist since I was in junior high school. I just feel happy when I wrote it in a piece of post-it paper, then stick it to wall in my room. I wrote it randomly. I wrote everything I want that crossed in my mind.

The last wish i wrote is "artistic skill for my hand". Like what I've been said on the last post, "my hand doesn't write nor draw. my imagination dancing on the paper". But, unfortunately, everything will gonna be better if my hand drawing nicely :D The only one answer for this wish is..........practice *slap my self*

(Ya gitu, orang nyebelin -_-)

See ya!